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A. Amos Love

Oy Vey!!! Another “Leadership Conference?” ;-)

Lot’s of “lifting up” of famous “Names,”
famous “Speakers,”famous “Leaders,”
and young wannabee “Famous Leaders.”
**And NOT one mention of Jesus.** :-(
Please forgive us Lord.

From the Catalyst web site...
“A powerful convergence of next generation leaders?”
“Pure leadership adrenaline?”
“The largest gathering of young leaders in the country?”
“Loaded with the high-octane energy
...... of thousands of like-minded leaders?”
“Catalyst is a movement founded
...... in the hearts of young leaders?”

Maybe I’m a little cranky today, BUT,
this sounds ugly familiar.
This sounds like a bunch of “worldly, over the top, hype.”
Mercy Lord...

Love not the world...
For all that is in the world, **the lust of the flesh,**
and **the lust of the eyes,** and **the pride of life,**
is not of the Father, but is of the world.
1John 2:15-16

Seems Jesus has a different take on “leadership”
for the body of Christ.

Didn’t Jesus, in Mat 23:10 KJV, tell His disciples “NOT”
to call themselves “master / leaders” for
you have “ONE” “master / leader” the Christ?

Didn’t Jesus say?...

I receive NOT honour from men...
How can ye believe, which
**receive honour one of another,**
and seek not the honour that cometh from God only?
John 5:41-44

He that **speaketh of himself** seeketh his own glory...
John 7:18

And I seek NOT mine own glory...
John 8:50

Jesus answered, **If I honour myself,
my honour is nothing:**
it is my Father that honoureth me;
of whom ye say, that he is your God:
John 8:54

Most people don’t start out wanting to “steal the glory”
that belongs to Jesus.
They just don’t refuse the glory, when it comes. ;-)

Seems “Catalyst” is giving glory and honor to man,
and man is accepting it. Yes?

Where is the honor, and glory, for Jesus?
Jesus “must” increase. I “must” decrease.

“Leaders?” Maybe Jesus has a better way?
Just NOT man’s way?

If it lifts up Jesus, rejoice,
it’s probably “Truth.”

If it lifts up man, beware,
it’s probably “deception.”

Jesus... Our Lord and Our God...

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