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Dawn Nicole Baldwin

Wow-- I totally feel for ya, Kyle. Not sure if I'd make it week in & week out

Angus Nelson

Brilliant! I'm at Stage Three for !deacamp. Now seeking smart, witty title... Come on universe, speak to me!

Jim Gray

awesome post.

Kirsten Wilson

I think you nailed it. I'm speaking at a conference Friday and Saturday, and spent the afternoon at Chick-fil-A with my MacBook wrestling through Stage Five. Hoping the choir of angels arrives sometime this evening...

Rob Thomas

I don't speak a lot, but when I do, this is exactly what I go through. I'm speaking on Thursday at Echo and I'm on Stage Eight right now.

So glad you are coming in town. We are grateful for you.

Kyle Reed

I feel like that every time I get to preach

Charles Lee

Awesome! Love it :-)

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