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Nothing beats Panera Bread!!

Pete Wilson

Wow. Thanks for the heads up.

blair farley

my wife almost bought one the other night on the same assumption that you made... namely that it was a $25 gift card and not some lame membership card. i buy the membership card to barnes and noble each year cause the savings is pretty good on a $25 book, but really... a 10% discount on coffee... and a free one on my birthday. shame on starbucks for not identifying their best customers and just giving this away.

on our recent starbucks visit we ordered the oatmeal and it was served with a FORK!! we mentioned to the manager that this was not going to work for the fairly runny version of oatmeal served. he looked at us like we were crazy and let us know that HE eats it that way every day, and that he was sorry it was a problem for us. he also reinforced how dumb he thought we were when he mentioned that they have not had spoons in their store for months and that we were the first to complain.

oh... and the best part... all of this conversation was taking place while another employee of the store was standing on a ladder over the coffee bar dusting the ceiling with a rag wrapped around a push broom... so yeah they are losing their edge.


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