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Corbett Reeves

Wow... thanks for a great perspective. As happy as I am about some of the efforts our church makes to avoid this reaction, I'm sure we're failing in major areas that we miss as "insiders."

No sacrifice is too great and no detail is too small to avoid guests being made to feel this way!

Larry Boatright

Thx for sharing this. Always good to see with fresh eyes and perspectives like this apply to churches that are large and small. Great insights- I'm praying for your friend. Glad you were a friend and went along the way!


Thanks for sharing these thoughts.

I too have been in one to many churches that make it hard.

We actually stayed with one for over a year and still only knew the names of less than 10 people. That was one social circle that was hard to break in.


Dawn Nicole Baldwin

Thanks, Noble. Always love hearing about churches who are making a difference! It's no wonder they're growing so fast.

Noble Bowman


Great post. I too spend a great deal of time helping others with some of the same issues you do. Looking at life and culture from a faith perspective and how the church can engage culture and influence it is my now my daily job.

My wife has been inviting a friend who is also her hair stylist to visit our church. He is gay so he has been a bit reluctant. My wife's friend has recently been through a major medical situation and she has spent a great deal of time helping him and being there for him. So this past Sunday he and his daughter who is a SR in high school decided the honor her request and visit our church.

Let me say... It is so amazing to attend a church that you know is working to create "52 Unforgettable Experiences" that "Build Bridges and Turn on Lights" to a community. I worked on staff at this church as the Director Of Connections until this past June, so I know how much they put into making sure every guest feels welcome.

Anyway, my wife's friend... Loved it. His 18 yr old daughter who hasn't been to church very much in her life, said she wants to start going every week.

It is great to be able to "See Through New Eyes" and see it done right... after all the times of seeing it done... wrong.

Thanks for your post and all you do to help the Kingdom.

Ohh... the church, North Point Church, Springfield, MO. Just named 9th fastest growing in the country.

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