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Hey Dawn,

Great to see you posting again!

I big challenge I face is... that I live in a world that is cynical about church and even more cynical that the 'church' would spend money on marketing *ahem*, I mean communications.

More broadly, our church's challenge is simplfying the message, working out what messages have the highest priority etc.

Challenges to the role:
1) lack of talented volunteers: Because of the specialised nature of the area, it is hard to find the right existing talent. There is alot of offers from people who don't even come close to making the cut, a few that have potential which I am mentoring and giving some work to.

2) Lack of peer group mentors for me who are experienced in ministry communications. It would be great to bounce stuff off someone that fully understands what the deal is.

Love to learn:
1) How to gauge what people are really thinking eg... between the line thinking of demographics/physographics.

2) How to market without marketing. Authentic Communications. Especially how to communicate to non christians.

Dawn Nicole Baldwin

Thanks, Ted! Yes, I've been very pumped about what Scott and the rest of the team are doing at the Orchard & feel privileged to be a part of it.

Look forward to meeting you in person soon :)


great to hear that you are a part of the orchard! scott told me last week you've been coming.

also, love the blog!

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